REOPENING YOUR classes (Return to Training) ENGLAND ONLY

Published: 22nd July 2020

We have looked at the guidance for “Out of schools settings” (OOSS) and the guidance for “Providers of grass roots sport and gym/leisure facilities”, relating to INDOOR teaching we believe the following will apply providing all social distancing, hygiene and protective safety measures are in place:

1) Until the end of the summer term:

  • On or around 22nd July, subject to your local school district, OOSS will have been able to teach children who are the category of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. The difficulty here is to maintain children in small consistent groups which do not exceed 15 with the same teacher who does not cross groups.

2) After the end of the summer term:

  • We had believed that the guidance allowed you to open-up for children up to the age of 13 within the rules for small consistent groups. BUT this has been superseded by guidance put out on the 10th July in OOSS which makes it clear that:
    • For Providers who offer indoor sports activities for children there is guidance in the government document Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) that “indoor gyms, sport courts and fitness and dances studios will be able to open from 25th July” and “They cannot be used as holiday clubs and activities for children until that point”.

3) On the 25th July gyms, including our sector:

  • Martial Arts businesses can open for all providing there is NO CONTACT (no physical contact or punch bags or pads), and all other safety measures are in place.
  • There is no segregation of the rules by age. But we think that the most prudent approach is to treat children by reference to the OOSS guidance for those up to age 13 (small consistent groups) and all others by the gym rules which is 1 person in the building per 100 sq. ft of space (this is total space available including toilets and reception areas).
  • 1 metre minimum separation for social distancing should be applied providing all other measures for hygiene and safety are taken.
  • Please be sure that the two methods do not conflict e.g. two groups of 15 children exceed the 100 sq. ft calculation for the building.

Other Recommendations:

A) Temperature tests:

  • There is no guidance on this as a government stipulation for our sector, however you may decide that this is good practice for your coaches to be checked before lessons begin.

B) Face masks:

  • Student face to face activity is not encouraged and should be avoided.
  • There is no clear guidance on the wearing of masks in a gym that we are able to find at this time, but it is strongly encouraged that this is done in confined spaces.
  • If students do choose to wear masks you should permit this.
  • You should also consider what protections you, as their coach, adopt for any face to face activity (reception, approaching the student and when teaching with less than 2 meters between the front row and the coach).

All rules are subject to change depending on the local situations and the progress made to reduce the infection rates. But we suggest that you monitor government guidance, and we will also endeavour to keep clients informed as the situation continues to evolve. Please also ensure that you follow specific guidance from your governing body if you are members of one. But at all times it is your responsibility to demonstrate that you are doing all possible to discharge your duty of care for the safety of your students, staff and any members of the public.

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